Sword Launcher Unboxing

Our second video was unboxing this sword launcher which we ordered on Ebay and was delivered two days after ordering it. This was Beyblade Burst God Evolution Takara Tomy. Red and we think it is awesome.

It was our first digital sword and our first unboxing on youtube. As soon as we receive it in the mail, we went into our camera and started to record. As we were new to shooting video and editing, we didn’t know how slow motion the video or how to edit the sound so we kept shooting and deleting the video till we got the idea to switch the view from one frame to the other just like the video showing around minute #59. We just shot the first part, stopped the camera and then unboxed the sword, placed it in the front of the camera and started the camera again. It was new trick that we learned how to shoot different parts and stitch them together using the software. Now that we have used the camera in more creative ways, it makes us laugh every time we see this video and this frame in particular.

Shooting the video didn’t take long and we enjoyed unboxing and playing with the sword. As we got comfortable, we started to shoot longer and longer videos. Editing was much faster and took less time than the first few weeks of shooting. Uploading the videos was becoming easier every time we had a video ready to upload.

This second video was uploaded on Thursday and again, it was late at night so we decided to go to bed and wait to see what tomorrow will bring in term of viewership.

The first video got around 17 views overnight, so our expectation for this second video was around that number too. Anything around 15 views overnight was a big deal for us. So if you have such a high expectation for your video lol, anything under that number was going to be a shock we didn’t wish upon us to face.

Next moring we rushed to the laptop and refreshed the page of this video, not knowing if there are people out there watching videos at night but hoping there would be tons of them and only 15 of them clicked on the sword unboxing. The number seems humble to some people but for us, it meant the world.

Something about laptops that we noticed, when it is time for something important to us, the laptop crashes and refuse to follow orders. That is what happened that morning. The screen didn’t refresh and the youtube web page stayed staring at us. We decided to take the matter into our own hands and restarted the laptop.

Needless to say that it took our laptop forever to restart and as soon as we were able to sign into it, we got the browser fired up and we typed our channel name in the search box on top of youtube.com.

After few clicks, we were looking at the video viewership number. Disappointment would be understatement when you see anything less than 15 viewership for new youtubers like us but to our surprise it wasn’t a disappointment, it was pleasant surprise that the video got 23 viewship. What? We made it as youtube producers. We produced a video that popular and garnered 23 viewship in less than 12 hours period.

I wish I could tell you that we skipped school that day to celebrate our success but we had to go to school. The day went so slow as we were eager to go back home and produce another video for our channel.

We were excited and eager to produce more videos for our viewers who we thought were coming to watch our two videos but we were in for a big surprise when we produced and posted our third video.