Level Chip Unboxing. 3rd Video. This was a blast.

This unboxing felt much easier as I started to get to know the process and the tools I’m using much better.

The camera setup, lighting and mic were setup in less than a minute. The bought new lighting stand used from a seller on Ebay and set them up a little behind me which not the best position because you get shadows in front of you. So the video a little bit dark but it was viewable and clear so you can see.

The sound was much better than the first two videos. The reason for that is I position the camera right in front of me and I was talking into the mic. I believe the sound is clear and crisp in this video.

I was really new and didn’t have much experience with cutting and editing but I had to spend some time cutting this video into what it is today. During the filming, there was our neighbor dog barking and you could hear it in the video so I had to re-shoot that part of the video. Also after I was done with the second take, I discovered that the camera was not on lol….OOOPS.

Overall, I’m glad I did it and hope you enjoy it guys.