Dead Hades Vs Hell Salamader

This video has a special place in our hearts. It was our first video we published. We start shooting and we didn’t know how to edit videos. We didn’t know what software to use to edit our video. When you start this and you don’t know where to start or how to start, you feel lost and feel like giving up. Our love for the show and the friends we interact with online gave us the courage to edit the video and upload it to youtube.

We must admit that starting a youtube channel sound intimidating and it’s actually. It took us a week to read all the youtube pages regarding the legal requirement and restrictions and then we had to talk to our family to convince them that the channel is not going to affect our daily life and our studies. Our priority will always be our homework of course. As students, we love learning but our love for the Beyblade and the show is endless. So we took the plunge. We didn’t know if we will succeed or not but we did the video.

The editing of the video was supposed to be one hour but shooting the video took more than two hours lol

We didn’t know how to position the camera so the view of the battle is visible to the viewer. Then there was the light issue because of some light reflection from the opposite side of the camera.

Editing is a whole load of issues needed to be addressed. From the sound to the light and length of the video. We were so excited to post it so we wanted to just upload it but there were so many silent parts, too loud parts, and too dark parts and had to shoot it again and again till it was ok.

Once we overcame the shooting and editing, it was time for the big moment. We opened youtube admin section looking for the upload button but there was no such thing lol

We had to go back and read the youtube help section again to figure out how to upload the video and as soon as we were clear on how to do that task, it was the longest wait time in our life.

The spinning wheel kept indicating that the video is being uploaded but it seemed like an eternity. When the wheel stopped and video was uploaded according to youtube, we rushed and open a new tab and typed in our video name and hit enter. Google search will find it for us and we will click on the link that will take us to our video. Of course, that didn’t happen lol. The video was just uploaded and there is no way that google servers work that fast. So we didn’t know what to do. After watching some of our family member laughing at us for few seconds, one of them explained to us how the google search works and we had to go into our youtube channel account and click on admin and view our video manually by clicking on the link in our admin section. A new tab started and the video started to play and we’re on top of the world. Our video is live and people are watching, clicking and commenting on it.

Of course, that didn’t happen. The video had one view – which was us- and no comment but that was awesome that our video is alive and available.

Anyway, we went to sleep that night filled with excitement in anticipation of what will happen the next day to our video. We woke up and first thing we did -even before brushing, yuk – was checking the youtube admin section. Guess what? We had 17 views. What? How? When? No one could answer those question because Google engineers never provided that information in the dashboard. That is what we thought but actually, Google provides all that in the admin dashboard, we just didn’t know it.